Fee for services

Ron Cole recole at UCDAVIS.EDU
Mon Apr 17 10:49:48 CDT 1995

In an attempt to recover partial costs of maintaining collections and
curatorial staff, the University of California, Davis is considering a fee
for services program.  To do this, we must show a comparison between our
yet-to-be-determined fee schedule and the fee schedule charged by others in
the community.  If anyone on this list has established a fee schedule for
the following, would you please contact me with this information at
recole at ucdavis.edu.  Once compiled, I will make this information available
to the list.

        Taxonomic identification
                Routine (within 1 month)
                Prompt (within 1 week)
                Urgent (same day)

        Voucher Service
                Database update and maintenance
                Specimen archive and maintenance

        For-profit use of collections for profit-based organizations
                Unassistend (per hour or day)
                Assistend (per hour or day)

Ronald E. Cole, Curator
Museum of Wildlife &
   Fisheries Biology
University of California, Davis
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recole at ucdavis.edu

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