General identification systems

Mr Fortuner connection modem fortuner at MATH.U-BORDEAUX.FR
Fri Apr 21 08:29:44 CDT 1995

For preparing a grant request, I would appreciate help in answering the
following question:

Besides the Delta-based efforts and ETI, what are the
comprehensive identification systems available (or in development)

By comprehensive I mean systems (databases and tools) that can be
used (or that are intended to be used when fully developed) in more than one
biological group.


Renaud Fortuner
fortuner at

never published the results of the survey I posted last month on types of
identification methods used because I received only half a dozen answers. For
what it's worth, immediate recognition and dichotomous keys are the methods
the most used by the respondents, but some favor similarity, Bayes and
statistical methods. Thanks to those who answered.

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