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Newsgroups line:         General entomology and related issues.

Votes must be received by 23:59:59 UTC, 10 May 1995.

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  For voting questions
only contact Steve Bonine <spb at>.  For questions about the proposed
group contact Maarten van Helden <maarten.vanhelden at>.

        Yvan Rahbe <rahbe at>
        Lou Bjostad <lbjostad at lamar.ColoState.EDU>
        Rod Crawford <puffinus at>
        Peter Rauch <peterr at>
        Christopher Majka <Nextug at>
Mentor: Ed Bailey <bailey at>

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Discussion, news, and queries concerning the study of insects and other
(non-marine) arthropods not covered in more specialised newsgroups.
The newsgroup is meant to cover a wide variety of entomological topics,
including postings about arachnology, myriapodology and other studies
with affinities to entomology. is *NOT* intended as a forum for the buying
and selling of insect specimens nor for the advertising of commercial
products and services. However, it is permissible to use the newsgroup
to post brief comments with pointers to addresses where readers can
obtain information about such products. All participants are expected
to respect the environment and the law. Efforts to encourage trespassing
or to subvert conservation laws are *NOT* welcome on this newsgroup.

Communication will be welcomed from all those interested in entomology,
including serious amateurs as well as professionals and students, since
these groups have much to contribute to one another and are in need of
better communication channels.  We hope that through interest and
involvement by participants, documents of Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQs) will in time be developed on many topics of interest to
participants and the general public.

Though intended mainly for communication among entomologists, some
queries from the general public are to be expected; those which can
be answered will be answered politely.


Entomology (the study of insects) is the focus of numerous organizations
and people, both professional and amateur, all over the world.
Entomology is a highly diversified field in which most workers, however
specialised their research, retain an interest in other entomological
topics.  It is also one of the few scientific fields in which amateurs
can still make important contributions.

The newsgroup is intended for all general
entomological postings.  There are also some specialised newsgroups
(e.g. and entomological listservers.
The charter of includes consideration that
existing or future non-newsgroups/lists dedicated to entomological
topics may be gated to/from a suitable subgroup.

Creation of additional, more specialised newsgroups would not change the
mandate of but would merely allow the creation of
additional forums for more detailed discussions among students of certain
insect taxa or subject areas.


Send MAIL to:   voting at
Just replying should work if you are not reading this on a mailing list.

It would be apprciated by the votetaker if you did NOT forward the entire
CFV back; this mail is archived and I really don't need several hundred
copies of the CFV on my system.

Your mail message should contain one of the following statements:
      I vote YES on
      I vote NO on

You may also ABSTAIN in place of YES/NO - this will not affect the outcome.
Anything else may be rejected by the automatic vote counting program.  The
votetaker will respond to your received ballots with a personal acknowledge-
ment by mail - if you do not receive one within several days, try again.
It is your responsibility to make sure your vote is registered correctly.

Only one vote per person, no more than one vote per account.  Addresses and
votes of all voters will be published in the final voting results list.

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