fees for services

Wed Apr 26 14:06:21 CDT 1995

I'm not sure how practical it would be for zoological, entomological, or
geological collections, etc., but at Texas A&M we have found one way
to turn plant identification services to our benefit without having to

It frequently happens that the Biology Department Herbarium is asked
to identify a small number of plants for a member of the general
public, an article writer, or a graduate student outside of the
department.  In such cases, the answer is often, "Yes, we will gladly
identify your plant, but we are keeping the specimen."  In this way
we have added some very unusual plants to the herbarium without
having to travel or collect.  Most folks are delighted to help out,
and many will come back several more times just to bring us things
they think we might like.  In other cases, where the material was not
worth keeping, we have asked them to collect for us the next time
they go somewhere interesting.  In the case of graduate students with
many specimens needing identification, most are willing to leave
their specimens in the collection--it serves as a voucher for their
work and improves our collection.  Although we have not demanded it,
I suppose it could be stipulated that the student come in and
mount them as well.  <my two cents' worth

Monique Dubrule Reed
Herbarium Botanist
Biology Department Herbarium
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX  77803

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