specimen/data citation

p stevens p_stevens at NOCMSMGW.HARVARD.EDU
Fri Aug 4 08:20:23 CDT 1995

Yes, citation of specimens examined in the course of preparing monographs and
of specimens whose dna has been sequenced is very much a desideratum.  But
dna -sequences- are also available to interested parties, and after their
alignment one gets characters/states (I realise that there are a number of
steps involved here, but often these are made clear to the reader).  On the
other hand, many phylogenetic studies (perhaps especially species-level,
perhaps especially in planyts) simply contain statements that there are
states - no data are presented to back up the assertions, nor is there even a
statement that such data are available.  There are several levels at which
documentation is needed.

Peter Stevens

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