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Dear fellow taxonomists,

BioSys Software & Multimedia is the developer of ELEDONE, a collection
management program. Apart from providing our customers the program, we also
try to make as much basic taxonomic information available as possible.
After all, who likes typing?

Within a few weeks we will ship version 1.0 of a free plug-in module,
families.app, to all our customers. The plug-in will enable our customers
to upload and/or download family names of most major groups of animals to
their ELEDONE system. The information stored in this plug-in was compiled
with help from some of you. Later this year we will compile a document by
using this family information to be made available to all of you for free.
Our policy is to put all taxonomic knowledge compiled by us into the public
domain. The listing containing the family arrangement will be made
available to you by sending a document to TAXACOM with the document
attached (probably in ASCII or MS-Word format, we welcome any suggestions).

One of our next projects is the compilation of species authority files.
Already available are files containing over 14,000 names of Mollusca, all
mammal species of the world, and all Drosophilidae of the world. We are
looking for additional files. Anyone who contributes to this project will
be send any other species authority file he or she wants for free. Wanted

Lists of species of animals and plants (Recent and fossil), which are as
complete as possible. We prefer DBF style files formatted as follows (an
empty DBF file, specs.dbf is attached to this document):

          NAME OF FIELD   FIELD TYPE                FIELD WIDTH

          family                  CHARACTER               25
          genus                    CHARACTER               25
          subgenus              CHARACTER               25
          species                 CHARACTER               65
          subspecies           CHARACTER               50
          race                      CHARACTER               40
          kindcode               NUMERIC                    1
(1=marine; 2=terrestrial; 3=fresh water)
          recfos                  NUMERIC                    1
(1=extant; 2=extinct)

An example (a Polyplacophora species, Mollusca) would look like:

          family                  Chitonidae
          genus                    Chiton
          subgenus              Rhyssoplax
          species                 olivaceus
          subspecies           olivaceus Spengler, 1797
          kindcode               1
          recfos                   1

Please note that author and year of publication are included in the
species, subspecies or race field.

We hope that some of you are able to contribute. Other autority files that
you may have (on paper or as an ASCII or word processor document) are also
welcomed. Hope to hear from you soon!


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