Weeks of programming

Peter Rauch peterr at VIOLET.BERKELEY.EDU
Tue Aug 8 11:35:17 CDT 1995

Some insights into the specifications that would go into those weeks of
programming can be had by inspecting, for example, the documents to be
found at the following URLs. While they are not adequate specs (not
intended to be; and not particularly focusing on the transactions/loans
module) for a programmer to sit down and begin programming, they are a
hint of what's ahead during that programmers' few weeks effort (and the
additional work still before the collections managers'/users' analysts
preceding that programming).

Linkname: Logical Data Model for Museum Collections Transaction Management
URL: http://nmnhwww.si.edu/gopher-menus/LogicalDataModelforMuseum

Linkname: Australian Herbaria Botanical Specimen Data Exchange Standard
URL: gopher://muse.bio.cornell.edu/00/standards/hispid/hispid91.std

Linkname: Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (UC Berkeley) Collections Data Model
URL: gopher://muse.bio.cornell.edu/11/standards/mvz

Linkname: Missouri Botanical Garden Research Data Model
URL: gopher://mobot.mobot.org/11/pub

>     If it were only S/W, an experienced,
>     good programmer/analyst could write you a loan and transaction
>     management system using one of the modern development packages in
>     weeks, assuming you could give him the specifications.

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