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Entomology Collections Network - Annual Meeting
December 16-17, 1995

Meeting Time and Site

The 1995 Annual Meeting of the Entomology Collections Network
will be held Saturday and Sunday,  December 16 and 17, at the
Sahara Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Nevada, just prior to the
Entomology Society of America meetings in Las Vegas which begin on
Sunday, December 17.  The Sahara is a reasonable walk from the ESA
meeting hotel and given the favorable room rate, many ECN
participants may choose to stay at the Sahara for the ESA meetings

All ECN meetings will be held in the Sahara.  In addition, the
Sahara will provide a room for a cocktail reception on the evening
of Saturday, December 16.  Registration materials and additional
information will be mailed in Mid-September.  At this time, we
anticipate an advance registration fee of $20.

Please pass this notice along to colleagues and other interested
parties.   Anyone wishing registration materials who is not
currently on our mailing list should contact:

Jim Woolley
ECN Steering Committee
Department of Entomology
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843
409-845-6305  FAX
jimwoolley at tamu.edu

Tentative Program:

Geographic Information Systems and Systematics.
Impact of the Internet on Collections.
Electronic publication.
Public Interface and Exhibits.
Legal Issues, including Status of Proposals for Repatriation of
Preservation and Curation of Slide-Mounted Specimens.
Update on Smithsonian Profile System for Collection Inventory
Appraisal of Collections for IRS or Insurance Purposes.
Committee reports
Business Meeting - Election of Officers

Arranging for Accommodations:

A block of 75 rooms has been reserved for ECN registrants (Dec.
10-16) at the Sahara Hotel and Casino for Friday, December 15
through Thursday, December 21.  The rate for ECN participants will
be $34 per night, single or double occupancy, plus 8% room tax. It
is your responsibility to arrange for room reservations by
calling 1-800-634-6666.  Refer to Entomology Collections
Network.  The Sahara will bill your credit card immediately for
the first night's charge, but the charge will be returned to your
account in the event of a cancellation.  Cancellation must be
received by the Sahara within twenty-four hours prior to
anticipated arrival.  The rooms will be held for Entomology
Collections Network until Wednesday, November 15.

Entomology Collections Network Membership Notice

About six years ago members of the entomological collections
community formed the Entomology Collections Network to address
issues of special importance to managers and curators of
entomological collections.  ECN has always been an informal
organization run by a steering committee which is elected each
year at the Annual Meeting.  However, those attending the meetings
have agreed that in order to more effectively pursue some issues
it would be beneficial if ECN had a more formal membership, that
is, a list of people who have consented by way of filing a form to
be members of the organization.  At this time there are still no
plans to adopt a formal structure although there is growing
feeling that at some point that may be necessary.  There are no
dues or fees of any kind for membership, fees are collected only
to pay for the expenses of the Annual Meeting.

Registration materials will be sent to everyone on our membership
list and anyone else that requests them.   If you have received
this notice by regular mail, you are probably already a member of
ECN.  If you have received information about ECN from a colleague
or a list-server, and you would like to join, please fill out the
form below and return it to the address listed.  Please distribute
this form to any colleagues who might be interested in joining the
ECN.  If you are a member and your email address has
changed in the last year, we would appreciate an update.


Entomology Collections Network

Membership Form - 1995

Please fill out this form and return it to: Jim Woolley, ECN
Steering Committee, Department of Entomology, Texas A&M
University, College Station, Texas 77843 or electronically to
JimWoolley at tamu.edu.



Institution Represented:

Phone No.:

Fax no.


Jim Woolley
Department of Entomology
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843
(409) 845-9349
(409) 845-6305  FAX

JimWoolley at tamu.edu

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