rules for describing new species - looking for assistance

Robin Baird rbaird at SOL.UVIC.CA
Sun Aug 20 17:50:31 CDT 1995


  I apologize if this request is a bit elementary, as I am not a
student of taxonomy. I am however in the situation where I am
interested in the possibility of potentially describing (or re-
describing?) a "new" species, and need to find some good references
or get some assistance on "rules" for such. My particular situation
involves a mammal, where only one species is currently recognized
in the genus in question. The species was first described by
Linnaeus, 1758, and no holotype or paratype was designated - only
a type locality was given, and even then it is fairly broad.
Several other designations were given to animals from the same
general area that I am interested in, though in the 1800s, again
with no types designated. The species I am interested in describing
is sympatric with its "sister species". Only one new species has
been described in this mammalian Order in the last twenty years,
thus there are few taxonomists with expertise with this taxonomic
group to turn to for assistance. I would appreciate any suggestions
of appropriate references, or offers of help with a number of
specific questions.

Thanks very much,

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