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I am wonder what do you thing about this gossip...

*** Wall Street Journal 17 Aug 1995 Page B1. There's an article about a
battle between Germany and Switzerland over the beetle collection of Georg
Frey. The WSJ reports that Frey's collection contains 3 million specimens of
90,000 species and requires 6,500 "packing cases" to store. His widow,
Barbara Frey, has asked the Basel Museum for 2.3 million DM ($1.6 million)
for the collection. Both sides are still trying to raise funds. The Germans
have labeled the collection a "national treasure" so that it can't leave the
country without permission of the federal government. If Switzerland does
obtain the collection "A giant beetle party is planned" says Michel
Brancucci, asst. director of the Basel Museum and president of the "Beetles
for Basel Association," the citizens group which is trying to raise the
money to purchase the collection.

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