rules for describing new species - Homo s`piens?

Michael.Chamberland 23274MJC at MSU.EDU
Mon Aug 21 23:24:00 CDT 1995

> Why do I detect a tongue-in-cheek here?  Is Robin Baird talking about
> HOMO SAPIENS?  Who is going to be the lucky bugger (or unlucky, depending
> upon how one looks at it) who will be declared the type of HOMO SAPIENS?
> We must have a robust individual, typical in all respects, etc.  Why do
> we assume it must be a male?  Are the diagnostic features better on
> males?  Certainly the mammae on a female would be better developed than
> those on a male.  And the presence of mammary glands is a diagnostic
> feature, no?  Nuff said.

I thought C. Linnaeus was the type for Homo sapiens?  (How well preserved
is the holotype?  ...I hope Lenin isn't designated the lectotype! :-)

Michael Chamberland

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