That wet mummy

Todd Newberry taxa at BIOLOGY.UCSC.EDU
Wed Aug 23 10:37:52 CDT 1995

Sally Shelton at the San Diego NHM warns us against misapplying techniques
in well-intended but naive attempts to save that mummy or anything else.
I agree.  I mentioned the Stanford Library experience (which I more than
"just heard about" -- I was trying to save bandwidth) figuring that anyone
interested enough would take it up directly with the Stanford-NASA team
that did the job, not just take my word for it.  Geez!  My understanding
is that the folks on Sao Paulo are looking for *sources* of help.  Sally
Shelton says, "Find the people with the answers."  So I suggested one
place some may be.  Someone else suggested Getty -- another good lead.

Todd Newberry
Santa Cruz CAL
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