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Ronaldo Alperin writes:

>     To ALL,
>      I would like to know an explanation concerning the formation of
>the family name of the genus Callithrix (a platyrrhine monkey).
>Callithrix seems to me the correct name Callithricidae, but most authors
>use Callithrichidae. I see no reason to add the suffix "chidae" once
>"thrix" is derived from greek "trichos". The word is "thrix" and the
>termination is "tricidae" is not it?
>        Please send me you opinion.

>                                Regards,
>                                       Ronaldo Alperin

The Appendix D, Section VII, Table 2, Part B of the Code in the example #24
shows that the Greek word _thrix_ has a termination of grammatical stem _ch_
(not just _c_), and gives the example in genitive singular (showing stem for
purposes of Code for guidance in forming family-group names) - _trich-os_,
and a latinized family name - _Trichidae_.

Therefore,  the correct family name based on the genus name _Callithrix_
must be _Callitrichidae_.

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