digital images of type specimens

Shawn Landry (BIO) landry at CHUMA.CAS.USF.EDU
Mon Aug 28 10:04:56 CDT 1995

Has anyone taken a look at the type specimen images from Costa Rica?
They were created using a flatbed color scanner at screen resolution and
saved as .jpg files.  I think they look incredible, especially
considering the low equipment cost and short processing time.  Here is
the address:

We have a color scanner (in a lab on campus) that has a bed which is
12x18".  I scanned a few of our specimens at screen resolution and they
also look good.  I was especially impressed with the depth of field
obtained (about an inch).  With practice, learning better scanning
techniques, I would have to say that the flatbed scanner is our best
method at this point to digitize type specimens.

Has anyone else done this?  Any comments regarding the use of a flatbed
scanner in this way?

Thanks for all of the ideas,

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