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Thu Aug 31 16:48:39 CDT 1995

FYI. It would be nice if these and future texts were also put online (are
they online somewhere?) so that they could be easily cut/pasted into
discussions sponsored by a list dedicated to this topic.
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"Steps along the road to a harmonized bionomenclature" D. L. Hawksworth,
Convenor, Special Committee on Harmonization of Codes, TAXON 44(3):447-456,
August 1995.


"Steps taken towards an increasingly harmonized approach to the
nomenclature of organisms in all groups since 1985 are identified. The
key conclusions of an Exploratory Meeting on Harmonization held in 1994
are presented, along with the report of the first meeting of the
Interim Commission on Bionomenclature held in 1995. The latter meeting
made proposals on the harmonization of terms between the five existing
_Codes_, and also prepared a first draft _International code of
bionomenclature_ to deal with names published after (provisionally)
1 January 2000."

plus two of the Literature cited:

Hawksworth, D.L. 1994. A draft glossary of terms used in bionomenclature.
IUBS Monogr. 8.

Hawskworth, D.L., et al. 1994. Towards a harmonized bionomenclature for
life on earth. Biol. Int., Special Issue 30.

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