remote video

Peter Rauch peterr at VIOLET.BERKELEY.EDU
Tue Aug 22 22:12:23 CDT 1995

Back in mid-July, we had a Taxacom thread on using remote video for
examining specimens. Here is a web pointer to something that might be of
interest to museum people.

Linkname: About Mechanical Gaze
    Size: 283 lines

Excerpt from "about.html":

                          ABOUT MECHANICAL GAZE


   Robots provide us with a means to move around in, visualize, and
   interact with a remote physical world. We have exploited these
   physical properties coupled with the growing diversity of users on the
   World Wide Web (WWW) to create a WWW based active telerobotic remote
   environment browser. This browser, called Mechanical Gaze, allows
   multiple remote WWW users to actively control up to six degrees of
   freedom (DOF) of a robot arm with an attached camera to explore a real
   remote environment. The initial environment is a collection of
   physical museum exhibits which WWW users can view at various
   positions, orientations, and levels of resolution.

   etc., etc....

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