digital images

Peter Rauch peterr at VIOLET.BERKELEY.EDU
Wed Aug 23 09:26:24 CDT 1995

>We do not get nearly the same resolution with a Hi-8mm video camera that can
>be obtained with 35mm film.  However, I would expect that if you had a video
>system capable of 700 lines of resolution, it would be as high or higher than
>the resolution of any computer monitor.

But, the resolution of the computer monitor is not the criterion to use.
E.g., a 700-line scan can be displayed, in _full_ detail, on a
72-rasterline screen; it's done all the time --a little at a time.

The amount of source information is the primary measure. There are many
display systems (which might have low "resolution") that can display
portions of images that were scanned at very high resolution. You just
can't view the entire (high-res) image at one time. Nonetheless, the detail
is captured and available to view; other parameters that can "make light
of a low-res display" include appropriate software, enough computer
memory, greater depth of grayscale/color, etc.

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