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"Culture Collections to improve the quality of life"

World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC)
Netherlands Culture Collections (NCC)
Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures (CBS)
August 25-29, 1996
Veldhoven, The Netherlands



Welcome to the Netherlands
Scope of the conference
Tentative programme
Mini symposia, workshops and roundtables
Poster sessions
Abstracts-Instructions for authors
Social programme
General information
Congress Centre "Koningshof"
Travelling to "Koningshof"
Passports and visas
Letter of invitation
Insurance and liability
Registration and hotel accommodation

             Welcome to The Netherlands !

The Netherlands is preparing the stage for the Eighth International
Congress for Culture  Collections (ICCC-8),  a  joint enterprise of
the World Federation for Culture Collections, the  Netherlands  Cul-
ture Collections (NCC) and the Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures
(CBS). ICCC-8 is designed to be a meeting place for those working
with microbial cultures and culture collections. Key represen-
tatives  of the International Union of Microbiological Societies
(IUMS), the International  Mycological  Association  (IMA) and the
International Society of Human and Animal Mycology  (ISHAM)  are
partners in the development of the conference programme.

We  invite  you  to participate in the programme by offering a paper,
poster,  workshop,  an  audiovisual  presentation  or  showing  a
specific  instrument,  technique  or  method.  The   Programme
Committee  will  take  all proposals into consideration for inclusion
in one  of  the  conference  sessions.

The  conference  schedule enables participants to create their own,
personalized  programme.  The indoor  and outdoor conference
environment further enhances informal contacts in  a  comfortable,
relaxing atmosphere. Participants are invited to register for a
"value-for-money" package,  including the basic fee with all meals at
the conference centre "Koningshof".

Three optional excursions are offered to both accompanying persons
and participants. These excursions  provide ample and easy-going
opportunities to enjoy different parts of the Netherlands  while
renewing contacts or meeting new colleagues and friends within your
profession and beyond.

The  conference  centre is surrounded by 79 acres of woodland.
Comfortable hotel  rooms,  conference  halls  and all other
facilities are situated in a single building, near Eindhoven Airport.
 All  the ingredients   are  there  for  ICCC-8  to  become  an
event  to  remember,  personally   and   professionally !

We look forward to meeting you in 1996 !

Dirk van der Mei,
Chairman Organising Committee ICCC-8
Member Executive Board of WFCC

Sponsored by

World Federation of Culture Collections
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures
Netherlands Biotechnological Foundation
Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture
and Science
Netherlands Ministry of Housing, Spatial
Planning and the Environment
Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Organising Committee

Chair     D. van der Mei (CBS)
 R.A. Samson (CBS)
 J.A. Stalpers (CBS)
Consultant  A.C.M. Weijman

Executive Programme Committee

Chair     A.H. Stouthamer (VUA)
 J.A. van den Berg (Gist-Brocades)
 J.E.N. Bergmans (Cogem)
 R.A. Samson (CBS)
 J.A. Stalpers (CBS)
 R.R. van der Meer (NIABA)
 D. van der Mei (CBS)

Executive Board WFCC

President   L.I. Sly, Australia
Vice-President       V.P. Canhos, Brazil
Secretary   D.I. Fritze, Germany
Treasurer   D. van der Mei, The Netherlands
Editor     K. Paknikar, India
Members   B. Brandon, USA
 T. Deak, Hungary
 D.L. Hawksworth, UK
 L. Kalakoutsky, Russia
 B. Kirsop, UK past president
 C. Kurtzman, USA
 T. Nakase, Japan
 G. Pinaev, Russia
 H. Sugawara, Japan
 A. Ventosa, Spain
 Z. Yuan, China

International Advisory Board

 J.A.M. de Bont, The Netherlands
 R. Cypess, USA
 A. Doyle, UK
 D.L. Hawksworth, UK
 Da-Kang Song, China
 K. Kersters, Belgium
 C.P. Kurtzman, USA
 F.C. Odds, Belgium
 M.H.V. van Regenmortel, France
 E. Stackebrandt, Germany
 J. Verhoef, The Netherlands


The  World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC) is an
organisation of culture collections  and biotechnologically  oriented
institutes from all parts of the world. Developments were exciting
and fast  during  the last decade as a result of new methods and by
increasing demands  from  industries and  the  scientific  community.
Cooperation between Culture Collections proved  fruitful  in  many
areas.  WFCC  is  also  a dedicated commission of the International
Union  of  Biological  Sciences (IUBS)  and a Federation of the
International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS).  Close  ties
also exist with the International Mycological Association (IMA).


Culture collections play a central role in the network of biological,
agricultural, biomedical sciences and biotechnology worldwide. The
central conference theme emphasises the ambitious mission: Culture
Collections to improve the quality of life.

The programme will be focused on the transfer of knowledge beyond the
traditional area of culture collection management into the vast realm
of applications in e.g. biotechnology, agriculture, biomedical and
pharmaceutical research, environmental technology and data

The conference is designed to be a meeting place for all those
working on the crossroads of  culture management and culture
application: bacteriologists, virologists, mycologists, algologists,
protozoo- logists,  cell  biologists, biochemists, plant and animal
pathologists, biotechnologists  with  affiliated disciplines.


- natural biodiversity: conservation, application, culturing
- taxonomy and phylogeny
- molecular characterisation and fingerprinting
- quality of production organisms

- storage and handling
- computerised information services, expert systems

Management and procedures
- legislation: from corporate to the international level
- safety aspects of working conditions, environmental care, quality
- marketing cultures and expertise
- new trends in patenting
- related themes to be submitted

- in biomedicine, agriculture, biotechnology, environmental science
- culture collections in developing countries


In the tradition of the WFCC, the conference is designed to optimize
formal and informal  exchange of  expertise  and  to strengthen
personal relations. The schedule include:  plenary  lectures,
workshops,  symposia,  paper-poster presentations, lunch  meetings,
exhibitions,  audiovisual  presentations, social events, programme
for accompanying persons.

The organisers of ICCC-8 intend to design part of the conference as a
"training centre", consisting of several interactive workshops
presented by experts.


The  European Culture Collection Organisation (ECCO) is a society of
curators, scientists  and  users within  the realm of cultures of
microorganisms. The society organises its annual meeting  in  direct
conjunction with ICCC-8 on Friday August 30 1996 at the same location.
For information contact:
   Dr. Maija-Liisa Suihko,
   VTT, P.O. Box 1501, FIN-02044 VTT,
   Tel +358 0 456 5133,
   Fax +358 0 455 2028,
   E-mail: Maija-Liisa Suihko at


Sunday, August 25 1996 8.00 pm: Opening Ceremony

Opening address by the president of the Royal Netherlands Academy of
Arts and Sciences

Opening  lecture  by  D.L.  Hawksworth: Microbial Collections as a
tool  in  biodiversity  and biosystematic research

Monday, August 26 1996

Plenary morning symposium  1. The role of culture collections in
relation to biodiversity  (convener: E. Stackebrandt)

Special symposium  2. Quality control in culture collections
(convener: R. Cypess)

Special symposium  3. Fungal bioremediation (convener: J. Field)

Special symposium  4. Legal aspects (convener: D. Fritze)

Tuesday, August 27 1996

Plenary morning symposium 5. Evolution and biodiversity of
prokaryotes and eukaryotes   (convener: A. Stouthamer)

Special symposium  6. Biodiversity: molecular and microbial ecology
(convener: J. Tiedje)

Special symposium  7. Culture collections worldwide (convener: V.

Special symposium  8. The use of culture collections for breeding
edible mushrooms (convener: L. van Griensven)

Wednesday, August 28 1996

Plenary morning symposium 9. Quality of life: agricultural and
environmental applications   (convener to be announced)

Special symposium 10. Changing spectrum of infectious diseases and
significance of culture  collections (convener to be announced)

Special symposium 11. Databases (conveners: G. Stegehuis/L. Sigler)

Special symposium 12. The diversity of culture collections (convener:
L. Sly)

Banquet speech by E. Stackebrandt: Culture Collections, where do they
go ?

Thursday, August 29 1996

Plenary morning symposium 13. Quality of life: industrial
applications (convener: L. Anker)

Special symposium 14. Emerging techniques for rapid identification of
cultures in culture   collections (convener: S. Peterson)

Special symposium 15. Modern culture collection management (convener:
T. Nakase)


- Health and safety aspects of micro-organisms in the working
  environment and beyond
- Culture collections in developing countries
- Types of culture collections (service, procedures, status and
- Looking to the future: do collections need trained taxonomists ?
- Handling pathogenic microorganisms
- Rapid and reliable identification
- Degeneration of living cultures in culture collections
- Standardisation of biological indicators for use in efficiency
  tests of infections in waste  treatment systems
- Making collection resources available electronically via Internet,
  CD-ROM, diskettes,
- Customer possibilities to assess collection resources through
- Extremophiles


All sessions are open for poster contributions. The poster boards are
180 cm tall and 110 cm wide.


Authors should submit a camera-ready abstract 15 cm wide and 20 cm
tall (max.) using a GCTimes letter or similar 12 point font and a 12
point line spacing. Prepare an abstract for every single con-
tribution: paper, workshop, poster, AV-product etc. All abstracts
should be written in English with the title in capitals, do not
underline. Underline name of author presenting the contribution,
initials should precede last name. The name of the institution,
address and country are required, the contact address should include
the institute of the first author only.

Please also specify fax number(s) and E-mail addresses. Illustrations
may be included if they fit within the permitted space (15 x 20

   On request abstract forms can be obtained from the Scientific
secretariat (CBS, Baarn). The original abstract with two copies must
be received before May 1 1996 to ensure  proper inclusion
in the programme. Abstracts can also be send as a file on diskettes
or by E-mail. Files should be preferably written in MsDOS compatible
software or in ASCII.

Mail:  Scientific secretariat ICCC-8
       p/a Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures
       P.O.Box 273
       3740 AG Baarn
       The Netherlands

Telefax: +31-35-5416142
E-Mail:  ICCC8 at CBS.KNAW.NL  (ICCC8 at CBSC.NL until October 1995)


* A get-together welcome party on Sunday August 25 from 6.00 to 8.00

* The conference banquet with entertainment is scheduled on Wednesday-
evening. There  is  no additional charge for participants with a

* The extensive indoor and outdoor recreational facilities at the

*  Excursions  are organised on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for
accompanying  persons  and  participants.  Registrations  can  be
made up to 12 hours  before  departure.
   Departure  from  Koningshof:  9.00  am, arrival 5.00 pm. The fee
is Dfl  75,00  for  each   tour  including  entrance fees. Lunch
boxes available for participants with a  package  arrangement.
   Participation is limited to 50 persons.

TOUR 1: Monday August 26: Amsterdam, boat tour, Rijksmuseum

TOUR 2: Tuesday August 27: Arnhem, open air museum, Burgers Bush

TOUR 3: Wednesday August 28: Maastricht, boat tour, city trip, Thorn


Congress Hotel and Meeting Centre Koningshof

De Koningshof is a comfortable all-under-one roof Congress Centre.
This Centre is designed to be your home during ICCC-8. The reception
is staffed 24 hours a day. There are bars, foyers, a news-
paper corner, billiards and various pub games. In the recreational
centre "Dommelpoort" you will find: an indoor swimming pool, 9-pin
bowling alleys, a gymnasium, squash courts, saunas, sunbeds and a
fitness room. Outdoor facilities: a keep-fit circuit and walking
trails in the woods, all weather and illuminated tennis courts, mini
golf. Bicycles are available, cycling routes available.
The congress centre is easy to reach by car.

Travelling to Congress Centre Koningshof by train and bus

Take the train to Eindhoven Central Station. The bus station is on
the right as you leave the platform. Take the BBA-bus (number 150)
and get off at the Koningshof bus stop. The trip takes about
20 minutes. Koningshof can also be reached by train-taxi. For
information about public transportation dial 06-9292.

Travelling to Congress Centre Koningshof by air

There  are airline connections between Eindhoven and Amsterdam,
Rotterdam, Maastricht,  London (Gatwick  and Heathrow), Manchester,
Hamburg, Paris, Strasbourg and Zurich. Please contact  your
travel agent to check the possibility of an optimal connection.

Passports and visas

Valid  passports are required for entry to the Netherlands; overseas
travellers should check  whether a visa is also required.
Participants should check with their local agents whether they will
require  a visa for travel to The Netherlands. If so, they are
advised to apply to the nearest Embassy or  Consulate of The
Netherlands at least two months before the intended date of travel.

Letter of invitation

Upon  request the Chairman of the Organising Committee will send to
participants an official  letter of invitation to ICCC-8. This letter
is intended only to help a participant obtain travel funds or a visa
and  does  not  constitute  any commitment on the part of the
organisers  to  provide  any  financial support or to agree to
presentation of a paper. Address requests to the Scientific
secretariat ICCC-8.

Participants  of regions of particular interest to biodiversity and
for establishment of  culture  collections  may  apply  for financial
support to attend the congress.

Consultations  with  the  appropriate organisations are in progress.

Insurance and liability

Please arrange your travel insurance. The Organising Committee of
ICCC-8 cannot accept liability for accidents, theft or property
damage, nor for delays or any modifications in the programme due
to unforeseen circumstances.


Requests for a special diet can be indicated on the registration form.


August is generally a nice month, but with the Dutch unpredictable
climate, the temperature can range from 15-25oC and there is always
the chance of rain.


The  fees  below  are  attractive and "inclusive" packages. The basic
fee,  comparable  with  fees  of other conferences is available on
special request. However, participants are strongly recommended
to register for a package since alternative dining and lunching
facilities are at considerable  distance from  the  Koningshof
Congress  Centre.  Please  register  at  your erliest  convenience
since  the number  of reserved hotel rooms by the Organising
Committee is limited. There are  possibilities  to prolong  your
stay. Please indicate your requirements on the registration form or
contact  "Koningshof" for lodging possibilities beyond the limits of
your ICCC-8 package arrangement.

Cancellation of registration: before 15th May 1996: refund of full
fee, less Dfl. 50,--  administration fee; after 15 May 1996: refund
of one half fee; after 15th July 1996: NO refund.

Registration fee per person in Dutch Guilders (S)

until       after
May 1 1996  May 1 1996

Package fee including: abstract book,
get-together-party on Sunday August 25
unlimited coffee/tea/ice water
lunches and dinners on August 26, 27 and 28
lunch on Thursday August 29   S 900,--     S 1050,--
Accompanying person*       S 400,--    S 500,--

Hotel-package fee including: abstract book
get-together-party on Sunday August 25
unlimited coffee/tea/ice water

lunches and dinners on August 26, 27 and 28
lunch on Thursday August 29
accommodation in a double room for 4 nights,
breakfasts on August 26, 27, 28 and 29    S 1375,--   S 1525,--
Accompanying person*       S 800,--    S 900,--

Hotel-package fee including: abstract book
get-together-party on Sunday August 25
unlimited coffee/tea/ice water
lunches and dinners on August 26, 27 and 28
lunch on Thursday August 29
accommodation in a single room for 4 nights,
breakfasts on August 26, 27, 28 and 29    S 1475,--   S 1625,--
Accompanying person*       S 900,--    S 1000,--

1-day arrangements including: abstract book,
unlimited coffee/tea/ice water, 1 lunch and 1 dinner   S 250,--    S

* Accompanying persons
The get-together-party is included in the fees for accompanying
persons. Accompanying persons have  no  admission to the conference
rooms. The abstract book is not included in  the  information


Congress Hotel and Meeting Centre Koningshof
Visiting address:   Locht 117, 5504 RM Veldhoven, The Netherlands
Postal address:      P.O. Box 140, 5500 AC Veldhoven
Telephone:      +31-40-2543845/+31-40-2537475
Telefax: +31-40-2545515

Scientific secretariat for scientific programme enquiries and
abstract processing
Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures
Visiting address:   Oosterstraat 1
Postal address:    P.O.Box 273, 3740 AG Baarn, The Netherlands
Telephone:      +31-35-5481211
Telefax: +31-35-5416142
E-Mail:   ICCC8 at CBS.KNAW.NL

Dr R A Samson                            Email SAMSON at CBS.KNAW.NL
Haed of Services and Applied Research
Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures     Phone + 31 3554 81234
P.O. Box 273, 3740 AG BAARN              Fax   + 31 3554 16142
The Netherlands                          FROM OCTOBER 1 1995

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