Pooideae (Poaceae) in Australia - INTKEY and WWW Packages

Mike Dallwitz miked at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Tue Aug 1 09:50:12 CDT 1995

        Pooideae (Poaceae) in Australia - INTKEY and WWW Packages

            C.M. Weiller, M.J. Henwood, J. Lenz and L. Watson

INTKEY and WWW packages for the Pooideae of Australia are available via
gopher or anonymous ftp from
    muse.bio.cornell.edu        (directory: /pub/delta/pooid)
    ftp.ento.csiro.au           (directory: /delta/pooid)
and via WWW from
The file Pooid.1st contains information about downloading and installing the
INTKEY package.

Carolyn Weiller (carolyn at rsbs-central.anu.edu.au)
Research School of Biological Sciences, Australian National University,
Canberra ACT 0200, Australia. Phone: +61 6 249 4841. Fax: +61 6 249 4437.

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