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M. H. Wake mhwake at GARNET.BERKELEY.EDU
Mon Aug 7 11:26:18 CDT 1995

        Peter Rausch has suggested that I list for you all some of the
publications that IUBS (International Union of Biological Sciences) has
done that have relevance to systematics and systematists.  I mentioned
these in a talk at the Association for Systematics Collections annual
        1) Order and Diversity in the Living World: Teaching Taxonomy and
Systematics in Schools. 1994. J. V. Crisci, J. D. McInerny, and P. J.
McWethy.  Comm. for Biol. Ed. of IUBS.  Available from NABT, 11250 Roger
Bacon Dr. #19, Reston, VA 22090.
        2) Biology International.  This is the news magazine of IUBS, and
it often has articles on bionomenclature, databases, etc.  It is available
by subscription from IUBS, 51 Boul. Montmorency, 75016 Paris, France.
        3) A Draft Glossary of Terms Used in Bionomenclature. 1994. DL.
Hawksworth, ed. IUBS Monogr. 9.  Available via the Paris address.
        4) Towards a Harmonized Bionomenclature for Life on Earth. 1994.
D.L. Hawksworth, et al., eds. Biology International Special Issue #30.
Available via the Paris address.
        5) Fron Genes to Ecosystems: A Research Agenda for Biodiversity.
1991. O. Solbrig, ed. Publ. by IUBS.  Available via the Paris address.
        Several other special publications deal with biodiversity issues of
various sorts, including systematics.

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