Living material of Zoysia spp. (Poaceae)

Fri Aug 11 11:17:45 CDT 1995


I'm Sharon Morton, a doctoral student in systematics at Texas A&M
University.  I am looking for living specimens or seeds of various
species of Zoysia (list follows).  Please send seeds and living tissue
from within the USA to: Sharon Morton, c/o Department of Soil and
Crop Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX,
77840-2474  USA.  Living tissue being sent from outside the USA will
need to be approved through the USDA.  If this is the case, please
contact me at smorton839 at or at 1-409-845-2541.  I will make
the necessary arrangements for such shipments.  Thank you.

Zoysia species list:
Zoysia brownii C. Muell.
Zoysia iodostachys Gand.
Zoysia macrantha Desv.
Zoysia sedoides C. Muell.
Zoysia x hondae Ohwi
Zoysia koreana Mez
Zoysia macrostachya Franchet & Savatier
Zoysia liukiuensis Honda
Zoysia sinica Hance
Zoysia tenuifolia Willd. ex Trin.
Zoysia seslerioides (Bal.) Clayton & Richardson
Zoysia minima (Colenso) Zotov
Zoysia pauciflora Mez
Zoysia planifolia Zotov
Zoysia hondana Ohwi
Zoysia aristata C. Muell.
Zoysia griffithiana C. Muell.
Zoysia setacea Nees.
Zoysia rigida Willd.
Zoysia malaccensis Gdgr.

Thank you, again.

Reply to:
Sharon J. Morton
Doctoral Student
Department of Soil and Crop Sciences
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX  77840  USA
Phone 1-409-845-2541


email:  smorton839 at

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