Herbarium managers: "Standards"

Piers Trehane dvader at INDHORT.DEMON.CO.UK
Mon Aug 14 18:32:10 CDT 1995



The 1995 International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants
will be going to press very shortly.

One of the appendices is to contain a list of herbaria who wish it to
be known that they hold a number of "Standards".  Standards, as defined
in the new Code are (usually) specimens kept to demonstrate the diagnostic
features of cultivars and as such are akin to type material for names of
taxa.  They differ from types since they are not there in order to fix a
name, but to act as an interpretative specimen to illustrate the characters
of a cultivar whether it is formally named or not.

Many herbaria contain cultivated material and some have specimens of
cultivars - often such herbaria are attached to a garden or research
institution of some sort with an interest in agriculture, forestry
or horticulture.  Sometimes such herbaria hold material of cultivars
raised in or by the institution.

The Standard concept has been discussed in cultivated plant literature
and if anyone wishes to know more, I can send by e-mail (WordPerfect file
via UUENCODE) a discussion on the subject published in HORTAX NEWS two
Christmases ago.

The purpose of this mailing is to invite cultivated plant taxonomists and/or
herbarium managers to add the names of their institution to the list of
participating herbaria in the appendix to the Code.

Ideally, every political area should have at least one depository for
Standards and if your institution has any sort of history or tradition in
cultivated plants, I would suggest that your institution be included.

Needless to say, there will be no charge for this (!) and all I need is:

    The full name and address of your institution
    The Index Herbariorum acronym
    A fax number
    A contact person (+ e-mail address if possible)

The contact person will normally be a taxonomist working with cultivated
plants or a herbarium keeper/manager.

The Standard concept is recent and its advantages/problems have yet to be
fully explored but the IUBS Commission for the Nomenclature of Cultivated
Plants is confident that the scheme will greatly enhance stability in this
field and expects that the more important herbaria specializing in this
area will wish to be seen to assist.

Please inform me at the address below if your institution wishes to be
included in this edition of the Code.  Replies by 1st September at the

I shall be glad to answer any questions in the meantime.

Piers Trehane
Chief Editor, 1995 ICNCP
Hampreston Manor, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 7LX, UK
Phone/fax: +44 1202 572666
e-mail for this subject: dvader at indhort.demon.co.uk
e-mail generally: piers at indhort.demon.co.uk

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