Drying wet mummy

Robert Robbins rrobbins at GDB.ORG
Wed Aug 23 12:38:12 CDT 1995

On Wed, 23 Aug 1995, San Diego Natural History Museum Library wrote:

> But a mummy is a very different issue and there are probably few people on
> TAXACOM with the expertise you need. You might consider posting to the
> Conservation Dist List or to MUSEUM-L. The Getty Conservation Institute
> has worked on the problem of microenvironments for human remains and
> could also help you very much. In the eyes of conservation and the law,
> human remains, even in a historic context, have to be approached
> differently from other natural history specimens.

That, of course, is in the eyes of US law. But the mummy in question does
not reside in the US.  The eyes of Brazilian law are the relevant ones

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