Drying wet mummy

Robert Robbins rrobbins at GDB.ORG
Thu Aug 24 12:19:58 CDT 1995

On Wed, 23 Aug 1995, San Diego Natural History Museum Library wrote:

> Prescriptions such as the ones below coming ftom people like us who are
> not experts in this field but have just heard about a procedure are
> neither responsible nor ethical.

[ stuff deleted ]

The points raised here about the amateur nature of many of the posts on
mummy drying are well taken.  One would hope that the folks in Brazil with
the wet mummy will do a little reality-check and quality-control filtering
of the ideas they receive on the net such as "a really big microwave can
drive out moisture pretty fast," or "you could try sprinkling it with
sulfur and sun-drying it, like apricots..."

> By the way, another post referring to US law was incorrect.

This assertion, however, misrepresents that post.  The post noted that US
law applies to the US, Brazilian law applies to Brazil.  International
treaties apply to those countries and only to those countries that sign
them.  Attempts to apply international treaties to non-signatories, such
as the partitioning of Poland by joint agreement between Hitler and Stalin
are, in the modern world, considered poor form.

The point of the post was, Brazilian law applies in Brazil.  For Brazilian
legal advice, check with an expert on Brazilian law.

I could restate my comment as:

   Legal advice, coming from people like us who are not experts in this
   field but have just heard about some laws and treaties, is neither
   responsible nor ethical.

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