digital images of type specimens

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Fri Aug 25 20:28:54 CDT 1995

Date sent: 25-AUG-1995

 >        Along a similar thread, I took a bunch of slides of types and was
 >disappointed to find them all very dark.  Some color and most structures
 >are visible, but these aren't good enough to use to answer many questions
 >about these taxa.  Is there affordable software that is available to
 >capture some of the hidden information?  In other words can I refine

Sounds like an exposure problem.  Anything photographed against a light
background (herbarium paper, white enamel pans, or whatever) reflects
around 30% - 70% of the light hitting it, but automatic exposure meters
are designed for a world that reflects 18% of the light.  There are
gray cards that reflect 18% that you can take the exposure reading from,
and then substitute the specimen.

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