Searching for Dates of Publication of Burnett's "Outlines of Botany"

Mon Aug 28 13:58:00 CDT 1995


In a letter to an editor dated 4 Nov 1834, a chap complained that the
printers of Gilbert T. Burnett's "Outlines of Botany" proposed to sell
the book in twenty parts at 1 s per part. He did not indicate when the
publishers announced this proposal, but in his letter he indicated that
he had paid 30 s for 29 parts (the second part costing 2 s), and still
the book was not finished.

Insofar as is known, Burnett's book was published in Jun 1835. Yet, his
preface is dated Mar 1833. If the 29th part was issued in Nov 1834, and
on average parts were released twice monthly, publication of the book
might have started in June or July of 1833.

All copies of the book that I have seen bear the publisher's name
(Churchill) with the printer's names on another page. I suspect these
books were sold as finished copies, and are not copies of those sent
out on subscription by the printers. Thus:

        Does anyone have a copy of G.T. Burnett. 1835. Outlines
        of botany. London: Churchill. with original wrappers?

The reason for the request involves a second work.

Vincenc F. Kosteletzky, at the same time, was publishing a multivolume
work entitled "Allgemeine Medizinisch-Pharmazeutische Flora" in Prague.
The first volume was published in May 1831, but the dates of the other
volumes is vague:  Vol 2 (Jan-Jun 1833), Vol 3 (Apr-Dec 1834), Vol 4
(Jan-Oct 1835), Vol 5 (Jan-Sep 1836).

What I am hoping to find is someone with more precise acquistion dates,
or locally published announcements of publication.

Help on either matter is most grateful.

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