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Richard Hill rehill at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sat Dec 2 10:55:44 CST 1995

With the discussion on databases, I have a request to search your
databases for the collector name "Flammer".

I have been trying to relocate a collection that is at the USNM
204553).  This is a fairy shrimp collection (Anostraca:
Chirocephalidae:_Eubranchipus oregonus_).  The collector is F. Flammer
and the date is 1956.  The locality has not be found.  The record would
be the first record for this species in California and one of only five
known locations.  The location could be useful in zoogeographical

I and others have tried to find this location for many years.  Until
this year it would have been one of only two localities.  I have
contacted many historians, historical societies, archeologists, and
others familier with place names.  I may have found the location, but
need some confirmation.  The name of the suspected location sounds
similar to the label name.  It is near a park that may have been a
vacation destination for local or international visitors.  The
collector may have been a biologist interested in fairy shrimp, or a
collector who sent material to a friend.

I am hoping that curators with databases will search their databases
for the name "Flammer" or "Flommer".  If the collector name can be
found, I may be able to correlate other collections to the suspected

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

REHill at

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