Galinsoga parviflora in Sopa de Pollo?

Sat Dec 2 21:44:35 CST 1995

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>Subject: Galinsoga parviflora
>I am attempting to determine whether a South American herb, known as guascas
>or huascas in Colombia, is related to any plants in North America.  The
>botanical name of guascas, as I understand it, is Galinsoga parviflora L.  Is
>there a directory of some sort that would tell me (1) whether such a plant
>grows in North America and (2) what its common name is?
>My interest is not botanical.  Guascas is an important ingredient is ajiaco,
>a chicken soup from Colombia.  My Colombian friends tell me guascas is a weed
>that grows in the Andes.
>Thanks for any assistance you can give me.

        According  with McVaugh (1984. Compositae.  in R. McVaugh, Flora
Novo-Galiciana. 13: 440-446) it is possible to find four species of
Galinsoga (G. mollis, G. parviflora, G. triradiata and G. quadriradiata).
All of them are weedy plants that grows almost in everywhere, 1100-2600 m.
No common names are reported for them.

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