A correction (was: Where to complain about magazine Spam)

Doug Yanega dyanega at DENR1.IGIS.UIUC.EDU
Mon Dec 4 11:13:54 CST 1995

I stated in my last message here that

>This company is served (last anyone was able to determine; it's hard to
>tell sometimes exactly where Kevin's Spam is coming from at any given time)
>by the following Internet access company, and THEY at least may be
>responsive to complaints:
>        ABSnet Internet Services (ABS3-DOM)
>           200 East Lexington Street
>           Suite 1602
>           Baltimore, MD  21202
>           Domain Name: ABS.NET
>           Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
>              Leadmon, Howard  (HL52)  howardl at ABS.NET
>              (410)-361-8160

But a message I just received from the above person states:

"   This message is NOT from one of our clients, Kevin is a customer
of an ISP [Internet Service Provider]
in New York (where he lives, we are in Maryland) called
Escape Internet Services (escape.com).  If you have a problem with
Kevin I suggest you contact escape."

This does make more sense, and escape.com has been implicated before in
connection with Kevin. So, no need to harrass the folks at ABS.net any
more...though it's one more reason to shut people like Kevin down, when
they leave false trails implicating innocent folks. If it turns out that
escape.com is another red herring...

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