Filing of types

Clifford Wetmore WETMORE at VZ.CIS.UMN.EDU
Mon Dec 18 18:20:19 CST 1995

   At the Univ. of Minnesota (MIN) the holotypes and isotypes of the
vascular plants are in separate cases. In the lichens they are filed
with the rest of that species. Since all the lichens are computerized,
is is easy to locate a type. The lichen types are included with the
other specimens to be easier for study.
   Regarding the use of the herbarium by untrained people and classes,
this is asking for trouble. The research collection is too valuable to
be used in undergraduate classes (unless protected by special cases).
The class material should be a separate collection.

   By the way, visit our herbarium web page at http:/

Cliff Wetmore
Curator of Cryptogams

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