Tue Dec 19 11:38:07 CST 1995

  The ICBN Art. 9.6 states 'A neotype is a specimen OR AN
ILLUSTRATION ...'. Personally, I'd prefer a specimen to poke about,
but officially there is no reason why a photograph of the holotype
could not be selected as a neotype.
   It might then be supported by an epitype (Art. 9.7), a new
concept that may come in handy when the type is a female plant,
but you need the anthers to know what species it is:
'... a specimen OR ILLUSTRATION selected to serve as an interpretative
   Apparently you can do it the other way around as well with
the neotype being a specimen and the photograph of the holotype being
an epitype? I don't know why you would do this, but in nomenclature
anything goes.

JeF Veldkamp

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