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Yes, it is possible and has been done many times. Think of all the lost
actual specimens of botanists like Fries, Jacquin, etc. of whose
materials only a painting or drawing remain. They lectotipify the names
proposed. A photographic record can be even more accurate than one of
Jacquin's plates.

On Tue, 19 Dec 1995, Andrew Lyne wrote:

> A hypothetical question.
> Say you have taken a photographic image or images of a herbarium
> specimen that has been nominated as a holotype.  Some time in the
> future that holotype specimen is lost or destroyed.  All that would
> then exist of that holotype is a photographic image.
> Whilst the ICBN is clear on the fact that an illustration may be
> nominated as a holotype, it isn't too clear on what role a
> photographic image of a lost or destroyed holotype might play.
> My question then is this.  Could it be possible that this
> photographic image of the lost or destroyed holotype be nominated as
> a neotype?
> Andrew
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