Mystery Localities

Wed Dec 20 10:31:16 CST 1995

Seasons Greetings,

Now that responses for assistance in pinpointing some collecting localities
have stopped coming, I am going to honor the requests of a few interested
parties and post the results.  I beleive I responded to each email I
received, but I would like to thank y'all again.

Graystone, VA -  This possibly refers to Grayson Co. VA, or more probably
Grayson,Carroll Co.

Tumblin'Gap, AL -  Undoubtedly Tumlin Gap, Etowah Co. AL.  Since my original
posting, I         have also found this spelled "Tumbling Gap" in one of R.
Dawson's papers on             Serica.  "Tumblin Gap" is the type locality
for Serica apatela.  That is four           spellings for one place, I do
not beleive the correct one appears in any of the         papers, or on any
labels that I have checked.
        Alabama: Etowah County: Tumlin Gap.  There is no population here, it
is a               railroad stop, ca 34 degrees 03 min N, 86 degrees 12 min W.

Santonia, CA -  No Santonia, but San Antonio is an older name or is part
        of Burdell, in Marin Co.
        Second replier - Santonia does dot exist.  There are several San
Antonio                localities (including a couple San Antonio Creeks),
in Los Angeles, Merced and
        other counties.

Tympanuchus, OK - Other than "nomen nudem", I received no responses on this one.

Meredith, SC - Lee Co., ca. 6 mi. SSW of Bishopville.  Meredith, SC,  has
been changed          to Ashwood.

Natrix, VA - No suspects here.  Maybe another Tympanuchus.

Agnes, IA - This possibly refers to Angus, Boone Co.

Hynes, CA (many species -1921) - Hynes, CA:  Los Angeles Co., originally
South                 Clearwater, changed to Hynes in 1898, now part of
Paramount.  33 53'N, 118 10'W.
        "Hynes, California" was an old Union Pacific railroad stop in the
Los Angeles           Basin, Los Angeles County.  It was more-or-less in the
general area of where            Compton & Bellflower now are.

Houghton Hill, NJ -  No replies.

Edgebrook, IL -  very north edge of Chicago, just south of Niles County
         It is on the North Chicago River, and on the CMSP&P RR line, NNW
         of Mayfair.

Palmerlee, AZ -  Cochise County: Palmerlee, now called Garces.  Granger,
B.H.  1960.            Will C. Barnes' Arizona Place Names.  U. Ariz.Press,
Tucson.  On page 38 it             says, GARCES.  El: c. 4000'. Loc.:
Cochise1, B-11.2 (coordinates on the map of          Cochise 1).  Go to
Cochise Map 1, page 411.  This puts Garces south of Fort
Huachuca and west and a hair north of Bisbee, west of the San Pedro River
and           somewhere on or near Highway 92 where it heads north to Ft

        Second replier - Granger was my source too and I looked it up this
morning. The         site is the one that I called The Reef. Unless
something else is incorrect, the
        elevation is way off. The Reef is a massive quartz outcrop, with an
        abandoned tungsten mine, located at about 7,500 ft. elevation.

Ft. Lewis, WY - "Fort Lewis, Washington"? especially since Lewis and Clark
didn't go through Wyoming.
        I suspect this is correct.  The label from which "WY" was taken was
poorly         written and the Y could be an A (don't think about that too

In any event, thanks to all of you, a few problems were solved.  Now if I
can just find Tympanuchus........



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