Information about Randia of Mexico

Servando Carvajal scarvaja at FOREIGNER.CLASS.UDG.MX
Sat Dec 2 22:09:03 CST 1995

Dear Taxacomers:
        I have an student who is interested to work with the Mexican species
of Randia (Rubiaceae) in order to get his PhD in taxonomy. I learned that
Dr. David H. Lorence and Dr. John D. Dwyer worked together, not only with
species of Randia from Mexico (and Central American species?), but also with
other genera of Rubiaceae. Does anyone knows if Dr Lorence and Dr. Dwyer are
still working on Randia? If the answer is *yes*, where they are working now?
Have they e-mail address?.
        Thanks in advance for your help.

        Servando Carvajal

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