changing honorific epithets

Amelie Scheltema rscheltema at CLIFF.WHOI.EDU
Mon Dec 4 14:16:43 CST 1995

          Dear Doug Yanega,

          In the case of honorifics in the older literature, the
          ending double -ii indicated the masculine genitive from a
          latinized name ending in -ius.  Thus schaumii 1852 was
          probably named for Schaum (not someone called Schaumi),
          latinized to Schaumius.  There is an instance of this in the
          ICZN decision for _Dorymenia sarsii_, in which the ICZN
          decided against emendation to _sarsi_, as the correct
          original spelling was _sarsii_, based on the latinization of
          Sars to Sarsius. (Bull. zool.  Nom. 1981, 38(3): 185-186).
          The ICZN verified that indeed _sarsii_ was the original

          The original spelling is thus the correct one, which you
          would have to look up.

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