Downloading Specimen Management System

Nancy Hensold hensold at ABIS.FMNH.ORG
Wed Dec 6 13:13:29 CST 1995

Yes, the Field Museum has a home page on the WWW, and you can get to the
gopher server, through the SCIENCE menu. Or you can enter, like you would an
http address:  gopher://

>Hi Nancy
>I tried to find a gopher service to down load your program since we don't
have oone. I tried using the gopher service through the Univ. of Virginia
and Minnosota and couldn't find the Field Museum on their menu.  I also
tried to Telnet
>directly to your gopher address but couldn't get in. I needed the correct
>login and password. Is your program available through the W.W.W. or FTP?
>If not, is there a gopher out there that I can use to get through to your
>gopher address?
>Keith Longpre
>Department of The Sciences
>Western State College
>Gunnison,  CO  81230
>Phone: 970-943-2017
>FAX: 970-943-7069
Nancy Hensold
Department of Botany
Field Museum
Chicago, IL 60605
hensold at

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