A new WWW site: Digital Exsiccate of Fungi

Ewald Langer ewald.langer at UNI-TUEBINGEN.DE
Fri Dec 22 10:43:03 CST 1995

Dear Mycologists,

The Institute of Biology,  "Spezielle Botanik and Mykologie",  of the
University of Tuebingen, Germany, offers a new WWW site for mycology. Our
WWW pages are an online help for determination and information of fungi
including descriptions, keys, TEM/SEM photos and illustrations. The pages
are in development. Species, preferably types are added from time to time.
The language of the pages is english.

The "Digital Exsiccate of Fungi" is located at the URL:

For a short description of the "Digital Exsiccate of Fungi" see also the URL:

It would be nice to forward this message to anyone who could be interested
in mycology. Comments and/or corrections concearning the "Digital Exsiccate
of Fungi" are highly appreciated.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you

Ewald Langer

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