Wisconsin orchids on WWW

Ken Sytsma sytsma at VMS2.MACC.WISC.EDU
Fri Dec 22 10:23:44 CST 1995


We are developing various home pages on WWW for the Botany Department and
the Herbarium at the University of Wisconsin.  You might find of interest
the Interactive Key to Wisconsin Orchids developed by a graduate student,
Jeff Hapeman working on Platanthera (Habenaria), that has links to slide
images of almost all species.  You might have seen some of these images
elsewhere as they have been linked by others to additional WWW resources
(California orchids for example).  Access to the program is via

Additional (over 5000) images are available via specific courses on the
botany homepage (Plant Systematics, Vegetation of Wisconsin).

In the near future, the orchid key will be linked to maps and a database of
the UW Herbarium collection for the family in Wisconsin.  This will serve
as a prototype for all future vascular plant family keys, herbarium
specimens, maps, and images.


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