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Fri Dec 22 10:23:46 CST 1995

Plant Taxacomers,

I have been asked again to write a review for Progress in Botany covering
Molecular Systematics in the years 1994-1995.  My last review covered
1991-1993 (Sytsma, K.J. and W.J. Hahn.  1994.  Molecular systematics:
1991-1993.  Progress in Botany 55: 307-333).

At that time I solicited citations (and reprints if possible) from about 50
of you for the review.  I would be pleased if you would email me citations
(and reprints if possible) of any of your papers published during either
1994 or 1995.  I have of course been generating my own very extensive list,
but there are always those important papers that I have missed, published
as chapters or in journals that could be overlooked.  I have a deadline of
Feb. 1, 1996, so now is your chance to get reviewed!

In the near future, I hope to have the massive bibliographies of both the
1991-1993 paper and the 1994-1995 manuscript on WWW for your browsing and
downloading pleasures.  This will be available through the Botany Dept.
homepage at



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