high-level taxonomy (was re: masc. genitive honorific epithets)

Robin Panza panzar at CLPGH.ORG
Wed Dec 6 09:13:58 CST 1995

>At 03:12 PM 12/4/95 -0800, Timothy S. Ross wrote:
>> Xantus' hummingbird was
>>named in his honor, but interestingly (or at least I think so), the generic
>>name was constructed as Xantusia, rather than Xantia.  I believe that
>>either generic name would have been acceptable under the ICBN.
>Curtis Clark responded:
>There was an article by Dan Nicolson in _Taxon_ some years back that dealt
>with the mechanics of -i, -ii endings, based on Roman naming customs.  But
>of course the rules in this respect are different for plants (such as
>nightshades and hummingbirds) than for animals.  :-)

This is getting rather strange-sounding.  First Timothy seems to imply that
Xantusia is a hummingbird (it's a genus of lizard), then Dan replies that
hummingbirds are plants.  C'mon folks, are we losing sight of the forest for
the trees (or the kingdoms for the i's)?

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