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Harvey E. Ballard, Jr. hballard at STUDENTS.WISC.EDU
Wed Dec 6 09:13:36 CST 1995

Dear Plant Systematist-Folk:

I am nearing completion of my genus-wide phylogenetic survey of Viola, using
morphological characters, chromosome numbers (both published and a handful
of my own) and nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences of the Internal Transcribed
Spacer region.  Thanks to the wonderful generosity of collaborators around
the world, and to internal funds and a NSF Dissertation Improvement grant that permitted trips to
the Southwestern U.S., Middle America and western Europe, and relative ease
of extracting and sequencing DNA from herbarium specimens up to about 50
years old, I have been able to sample nearly all of the 40-plus sections and
subsections of the genus adequately, with additional representation in
obviously heterogeneous groups.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate study materials of the following
species, either the last remaining ones I would need to completely cover a
particularly critical group or, in most cases, representatives of groups for
which I have little first-hand morphological data and no tissue for
sequencing.  I am giving the remaining handful of groups my best, last attempt to
obtain material before I give up on them for now (otherwise, I am
sequencing 95 spp. covering nearly all of the infrageneric groups for a
genus of 500-550 spp).  While I have studied herbarium and living specimens for most
representatives of the genus, I have not been able to find adequate herbarium (or
living) material of these for study, either for morphological data or for
DNA sequences.

I would be thrilled if anyone has a lead on how I might obtain plant
material (ideally a recently collected, duplicate specimen that I can study
and then deposit here at WIS as a voucher, or at least, a 2 x 2 cm piece of
leaf tissue with a photocopy of the voucher herbarium specimen) of the
following species.  I am grateful for anything I can get.  I am moving
toward completing the dissertation research by late January, and have
already been writing furiously on other aspects of the genus.  But
for studies of smaller scope within the larger study, I will continue to
accumulate information until I feel I have adequate data for analysis and
completion of the manuscript.

Here are the species I seek:
Section Viola
Subsection Lignosae W. Becker [E Europe/SW Asia--have no samples]
Viola chelmea Boiss. & Heldr.
V. griffithiana Boiss.
V. libanotica Boiss.
V. prenja Beck

Subsection Memorabiles W. Becker [E Asian--have no samples]
V. kusnezowiana W. Becker

Section Dischidium Ging.
Subsection Longicalcaratae W. Becker [Himalayas--have no samples]
V. hediniana W. Becker
V. wallichiana Ging.

Section Chamaemelanium Ging.
Subsection Erectae
Series Monophyllos W. Becker [E Europe/SW Asia--have no samples]
V. acutifolia W. Becker
V. fischeri W. Becker

Section Melanium Ging.
Subsection Scaposae Nyman [E Alps--remaining "pansy" representative]
V. alpina Jacq.

Section Arborescens W. Becker [S Africa--remaining member of section]
V. scrotiformis DC.

Section Delphiniopsis W. Becker [E Mediterranean--remaining member of
V. delphinantha Boiss.

Many thanks for your patience in wading through this plea for help, and
thanks, in advance, to those of you who might have leads or ideas on how to get study
material of any of these groups/species.

All best wishes,
Harvey Ballard
Harvey E. Ballard, Jr.
Botany Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison
132 Birge, 430 Lincoln Drive, Madison WI 53706 USA
(608) 262-2792 (herbarium office); fax: (608) 262-7509

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