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Dear Taxacom-netters,

The genera Scarabaeinus Silvestri 1939 and Scarabatermes Howden 1973 were
placed in the subfamily Termitoderinae Tangelder & Krikken 1982 together
with the genera Termitaxis Krikken 1970, Termitoderus Mateu 1966,
Termitodiellus Nakane 1961 and Termitodius Wasmann 1894.

Dellacasa Marco in "Contribution to a world-wide catalogue of Aegialidae,
Aphodiidae, Aulonocnemidae, Termitotrogidae" "Addenda et Corrigenda (Second
note)" "Mem.Soc.ent.ital.,Genova, 70 (1) 1991 pp.1-57" on page 39 has
dropped these two genera.

I try to maintain a database and therefore I need to know where these two
genera are placed today.

Also the article in which the transfer from Aphodiidae, Termitoderinae
towards another family has been published is of important interest.

The latest publications which I found were in "The Canadian Entomologist"
Vol.103 1971 and Vol.105 1973 both of Howden Henry F.

Thank you for your time.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all.

Paul Schoolmeesters
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