English Latin?

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Mon Dec 11 17:09:05 CST 1995

Stern's Botanical Latin gives a very nice 4 page discussion of
pronunciation of Latin -- including the rules about placement of
the accent:
(1) If the word is two syllables, the accent falls on the first
(2) In a word of three or more syllables, the accent falls on
the last syllable but one if that syllable (the second from the
end) is long, or on the last syllable but two if it (the second
syllable from the end) is short.

I was taught that pronunciation os Latin binomials must be
correct -- and that Latin rules should be followed (with a few
exceptions listed in Stern).  In my field (Phycology), there is
a very nice text that includes a list of genera with a
pronunciation guide (Christensen, Algae - a Taxonomic Survey).
I would expect there to be similar guides in other fields.

Gayle Hansen
Hatfield Marine Science Center
Newport, Oregon

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Subject: English Latin?
Author:  "Valery A. Korneyev" <korval at ENTOM.FREENET.KIEV.UA> at Internet_gateway
Date:    12/11/95 1:50 PM

At 12:02 1/20/95 +090, Tomoyuki Miura <miura at ZERO.FISH.KAGOSHIMA-U.AC.JP>

>For us, Japanese, it is imposible to identify  the  scientific name, if
>it is pronounced by American and French  scientists  at  the same time.
>We just ned a comon skil and it must be wel manualized.

Dear Taxacomers,

I would appreciate  your  kindness  to  explain  me about  the manner of
English- speaking  people   (British,   American   and   Australian)  to
pronounce ANY Latinized names as if they were originally English.

We use to pronounce them in the Latin phonetic, when talk with German or
Russian-speaking colleagues, and in the English way with American, etc.

I agree, it is a linguistic salto mortale, and the old  goods  Latin  is
converting into some Weirdo language,  but  I can  manage it well. Could
you please, give me your expert decision:

to pronounce any Latin or  other  foreign names following English  rules
of pronunciation instead of their native ones?

OR  IS IT   JUST A CUSTOM  IGNORANCE not depending  on  any  legitimized
grammar rules?

Thank you in advance

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