beating dead horsies...

Timothy S. Ross rosst at CGS.EDU
Tue Dec 12 12:24:06 CST 1995

        The "Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Horse Carcasses"
(SPCHC) regrets a portion of a message recently posted on Taxacom.  Ever
since the days of the Roman Empire, horse corpses have been unnecessarily
flogged ("Equi stiffi multi-smackati sunt...").  On behalf of dead horses
everywhere, might we suggest that another mammal be chosen.  Warm fuzzies
that seem to escape this oppression include wombats, echidnas, galagoes,
agoutis, kinkajous, okapis, wolverines, aye-ayes, binturongs, margays,
gnus, elephant shrews, potoes, pandas, pangolins, and alpacas, to name a
few.  Your consideration of this matter will be greatly appreciated.
                                        Mammalially Yours,
                                          The SPCHC.

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"At the end of a fortnight, I fired myself for willful incompetence."
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