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David Parsons david.parsons at TFRC.CSIRO.AU
Wed Dec 13 09:46:57 CST 1995

>Therefore, there are guidelines, not rules, and they vary among the English
>speaking countries.  For instance, the ending of words terminating with a
>vowel pronounced with an "r" sound is characteristic of certain areas of
>Britian, while ending each sentence with "eh?" is only required in Canada.
>Mike Ivie
The need for "eh" is not only evident in Canada, it is also noticable in
Australia and New Zealand, particularly outside the larger cities.  All you
Australasians out there would agree, eh!  It is, at least in Australia, on a
par with n'est pas (from my rudimentary French schooling), in that it could
be "isn't it", "wouldn't you", etc.  As for the "r" sound, the Mareeba Arts
Centre and the Kuranda Amphitheatre are often turned into the Mareeba Rarts
Centre and the Kuranda Ramphitheatre.

Just my two bobs' worth.

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