beating dead horsies...

David Parsons david.parsons at TFRC.CSIRO.AU
Wed Dec 13 09:57:56 CST 1995

>As a representative of the Society for the Circumvention of All Mauling of
>Pangolins (formerly the Society for the Prevention of All Ridicule of
>Xenarthra) I would like to convey my displeasure at the suggestion that
>the noble and endangered beast known as the pangolin should be used as
>an equine flogger. Pangolins were recently classified in the Useful Animalia
>and as such need protection from abuse, as befits their taxonomic status,
>despite the fact that no two scientists anywhere can agree on the proper
>Latin pronunciation of its scientific name. Or even remember what it is
>two days out of three. Anyway, pangolins have suffered enough, especially
>since being roasted and eaten in large quantities by John the Baptist,
>and I must request that the readership of TAXACOM show more consideration
>for this noble creature.
>Ben Waggoner
>Dept. of Integrative Biology
>University of California
>Berkeley, CA 94720 USA
>bmw at
>From what I hear, the reason why the pangolins were classified as Useful
Animalia was because of their good flogging capabilities and their edibility.

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