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Alfred F. Newton newton at FMPPR.FMNH.ORG
Tue Dec 12 19:10:51 CST 1995

     Having just plowed through 28,000 records of Platydracus etc. to get
coordinates for mapping localities, I was curious to see if I could find any
of your puzzles.  I found two hits, both from state guides to place names,
for historical localities.  Since both localities seem to turn up often in
collections, I'm sending this response to the list.

Hynes, CA:  Los Angeles Co., originally South Clearwater, changed to Hynes
in 1898, now part of Paramount.  33 53'N, 118 10'W

Palmerlee, AZ:  Cochise Co., originally Reef, changed to Palmerlee in 1904
and to Garces in 1911.  ca. 31 26'N, 110 17'W

     If you have much success with other names on your list, let me know - I
have several hundred mystery localities yet to pin down!

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