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Wed Dec 13 22:52:49 CST 1995

          I am pleased to announce that the new Director of the
          Institute of Systematic Botany (ISB) at The New York
          Botanical Garden (NYBG) is Dr. Scott A. Mori.  This
          appointment became effective on 12 December 1995.  Dr.
          Mori's e-mail address is smori at

          The ISB's former director, Dr. Enrique Forero, is now a
          professor at the Instituto de Ciencias Naturales of the
          Universidad Nacional in Bogota, Colombia; his new e-mail
          address is eforero at

          I wish to express my thanks to Dr. Forero for three years of
          service to the NYBG and my congratulations to Dr. Mori on
          his new appointment.  Dr. Mori has been on the scientific
          staff of the NYBG since 1980, most recently as Senior
          Curator.  He is a leading authority on the neotropical
          flora, particularly of the Brazil Nut family
          (Lecythidaceae), and his geographic focus is currently on
          the Guianas, particularly central French Guiana.

          For more information, please contact Dr. Brian M. Boom, Vice
          President for Botanical Science, The New York Botanical
          Garden, Bronx, NY 10458 USA.  E-mail:  bboom at

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