Wollemi Pine & Bloodwoods

Peter Wilson Peter_Wilson at RBGSYD.GOV.AU
Thu Dec 14 16:38:29 CST 1995

     To those interested readers of TAXACOM:

     The long-awaited formal publication of the name for the Wollemi Pine,
     Wollemia nobilis (Araucariaceae), has now occurred. The paper is found
     in the plant systematics journal of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney:
     _Telopea_ 6(2--3), 173-176.

     E-mail requests for reprints should be directed to one of the authors,
     Ken Hill <ken at rbgsyd.gov.au>

     Also in the same issue is another important paper in which the
     publication of a new genus for the bloodwood eucalypts is effected.
     This is a major change in a very well known group of plants. The genus
     _Corymbia_ is described with 113 species, 33 of them new and the
     remainder mostly new combinations. The reference is:
     _Telopea_ 6(2--3), 185-504.

     Enquiries about this paper should also be directed to Ken Hill.

     Peter Wilson
     Scientific Editor, _Telopea_

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