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Frank W. Reichenbacher swfbtucs at INDIRECT.COM
Wed Dec 13 22:46:09 CST 1995

At 11:28 PM 12/12/95 -0700, Robin Leech wrote:
>Ok, check the following:
>Granger, B.H.  1960. Will C. Barnes' Arizona Place Names.  U. Ariz.
>Press, Tucson.  On page 38 it says, GARCES.  El: c. 4000'. Loc.: Cochise
>1, B-11.2 (coordinates on the map of Cochise 1).  Go to Cochise Map 1,
>page 411.  This puts Garces south of Fort Huachuca and west and a hair
>north of Bisbee, west of the San Pedro River and somewhere on or near
>Highway 92 where it heads north to Ft Huachuca.
>Robin Leech

Granger was my source too and I looked it up this morning. The site is the
one that I called The Reef. Unless something else is incorrect, the
elevation is way off. The Reef is a massive quartz outcrop, with an
abandoned tungsten mine, located at about 7,500 ft. elevation.

Frank W. Reichenbacher
Southwestern Field Biologists

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